THE SMART CONTENTS acts as ideas generator…

THE SMART CONTENTS is present alongside its clients to help them identify useful information, optimize their decision-making process and strengthen their expertise through rigorous process, key concepts and the consumption of relevant contents adapted to market trends. THE SMART CONTENTS thus positions itself upstream of the big data players because it tries to define the concepts/indicators with added value, prerequisites for the stage of automated industrialization of information or mass data.

From an analytical point of view, THE SMART CONTENTS employs financial and business intelligence methods to find the prime information and to compile it in its reports. In that way, the control of useful, pertinent and strategic information must feed the decision-making process, offer financial and operational efficiency gains, offer technicality gains and improve the skillset, and provide a competitive edge over the peers.

Active combination of consulting benefit, proprietary analysis and watch service.

Here are our capacities:

  • Determine key concepts to reinforce performance understanding and enhance return generation.
  • Highlight technical investment issues met by the peers.
  • Realize technical, financial market and technological watches.
  • Identify relevant contents from investment concepts and themes for return generation.
  • Identify appropriate techno company to feed the needs and improve operational effectiveness.
  • Define process and tool needs, draft specifications.
  • Publish reports to feed client’s decision making process.


Thanks to its services, THE SMART CONTENTS brings an other point of view, new analytical instruments, new considerations in order to feed clients’ reflections concerning the investment and organization themes.