Behaviour, Spirit, Value…

Our approach is a continuous search for pragmatic solutions (innovating and with added value) : to bring clarity and synthesis to the clients in order to better know and use the appropriate concept, strategy or tool.

To achieve this target and to get and keep the clients’ confidence, we work alongside them by supporting and conveying our values :

  • Integrity : THE SMART CONTENTS will always act with probity, obedient to ethics, to confidentiality and to transparency: we do what we say to the client. Theses are the base of our education and the principles of our discipline learnt all along our carriers.
  • valuesInnovative : THE SMART CONTENTS relies on a less conventional process of using information, thinking and generating ideas. The goal is to surprise with original « out of the box », useful and relevant, breakthrough ideas within pertinent reports. A mix of fundamental data and smart indicators, a will to discover and to use new solutions, technics, technologies: these are the base, the DNA of our model.
  • Independence : THE SMART CONTENTS decides, in an autonomous way, without being influenced by external pressure or by its own interest. Each thought, decision and recommendation is done with objectivity and impartiality. There’s no capital link with financial institutions or trade bias with thosecompanies due to our revenue model.
  • Excellence : THE SMART CONTENTS wants to achieve and deliver high quality results for their clients thanks to its Expertises, its Skills, its Pedagogy and its Network. A strong habit gained through our experiences within prestigious financial houses and a permanent aim in our culture of success.


And if advisory was only the correct transcription and the fulfillment of clients’ demands and objectives…