How digital tools add value to the Real Estate investments ? Here are some paths where digital technologies are making Real Estate area more efficient.

To analyse the market : Artificial Intelligence accelerates data analytics and allows accurate insight to know where to invest.

  • Helping with data and trend analysis (building valuation, credit scoring and loan default prediction, home sales and purchases).
  • Predicting the customer behaviour (kind of search, ready to sell or to buy) through Intelligent Search Platforms.

To trade the market : Blockchain would simplify Real Estate deals.

  • « The name blockchain refers to how “blocks”, which contains transaction records, are added to the chain by using hashing, a cryptographic signature. All participants on the distributed ledger can view all the records, and this infrastructure provides a verifiable and auditable history of all information stored on that particular dataset ».
  • « In the real estate context, this means buyers and sellers are able to view the transactions related to the assets involved ». The blockchain would bring with it three main advantages : security, transparency, and liquidity.

To better manage the purchased assets : PropTech optimizes Real Estate tools and services across IoT integrated devices. Hence, the latter hold the potential :

  • To fully automate building management systems by constructing new solutions for efficiency, infrastructure and product design : a new Property Management inducing a cost reduction for the client.
  • To enable smart decisions and leveraging data for customer service.

And those three technologies are presented on a building scale, but could also be used on a city scale to raise the Smart Cities… You would find below some links about Smart City experience within Barcelona and Madrid…

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