Thoughts to strengthen the analysis framework…


A strong performance management is certainly linked to a good forecast of market changes, to an excellent understanding of the portfolio composition and its underlying risks, but also to other individual generators of performance.

Smart Analytics is a range of solutions, acting as a decision-making improvement, clustering a concept/indicator review (focussing on steps of performance study) and an investment management analysis, revealing hence more acumen and enabling the grasp of their portfolio.

How can we help our clients get greater insight and skillset from main performance drivers within the portfolios managed/advised

Our solutions deal with a knowledge enhancement of performance key factors for investors/advisors across workshops or reports. It’s a first step of description, understanding and deepening.

The second step is to improve performance drivers of the portfolio or the estate: the watch must ensure to detect, collect and extract adequate technical inputs, from academic and professional framework, upgrading thus the use of each factor.

How can we help our clients solve their strategic weaknesses within their own entity? 

Across these technical sheets, we’ll try to answer to the strategic issues  and the investment problems (as Market Specificities, Portfolio Management Solutions, Co-Investment, …) met by the clients.


To use the right word, the right notion or the appropriate concept wisely…