Supports to enlighten the decision-making and the strategy…


In other words, to support and to fuel clients’ strong appetite for sharp concepts, Smart Ideas is generating relevant contents in three areas (Watch of differentiating investment solutions, Improvement of the selection process of financial and alternative strategies, and Optimization of real estate investments) through technical sheets and workshop sessions.

By improving the investment solution sourcing (watches and advanced analyses). Facing a lack of differentiating/diversifying opportunities on the markets, THE SMART CONTENTS is the right player to support you. Smart Ideas reports will investigate across several sectors (Water, Environment, Renewable Energy/Climate, CleanTech, …) and the investment silos as Financial (Fixed Income, Alternative Premia and Structured Solutions or Products), Real Estate and Private Equity/Debt:

  • To explain their strategic issues, identify the trends and theirs drivers. 
  • To feed your thoughts and decisions.


By easing the selection processes. For financial vehicles, Smart Ideas workshop will strengthen the Due Diligence questionnaire (thanks to the contribution of performance drivers and MIFID II criteria) and the Quantitative analysis (thanks to Risk Management metrics) to challenge PM’s statements. Moreover, for alternative strategies, Smart Ideas workshop will bring some operational criteria to the Due Diligence questionnaire.


By enhancing the Real Estate investments and their processes. The goal of such workshop is to reinforce each stage of the Transaction/Exploitation process: from opportunity identification to its exploitation or its sale. The main points are idea generation/strategy clarification, and optimization of investment sourcing. Moreover, Smart Ideas will add tips to improve the Due Diligence questionnaire; and will provide watches to monitor Real Estate efficient solutions/services to better renovate/exploit the buildings.


Smart, Challenging and Innovating…