Skillset and tool optimization to enjoy a better liquidity within the portfolio/estate…


Liquidity refers to the ability to buy or sell financial assets (stocks, bonds, receivables, etc.) in large quantities, easily and quickly without affecting prices. Liquidity makes it possible to maintain a certain stability in the prices of financial products : this is known as market liquidity.


How can we help our clients to improve their knowledge about Liquidity and its implementation within the Best Execution?

Through this service, THE SMART CONTENTS will be able to achieve some workshops, dedicated to the Best Execution process (Execution, Liquidity and TCA) : to improve the skillset and to check and evaluate the efficiency degree of clients’ investment operations; and to render tips to enhance their processes and contribute herewith creating added-value.

The focus will be held on how to visualize his own liquidity in the markets, how to strengthen his own liquidity, how to execute efficiently and how to use and analyze the data.


How can we help our clients to be aware of Liquidity Risk Management and to upgrade their system?

Across workshops, THE SMART CONTENTS will fulfill to the clients a deepening about Liquidity Risk Management. For individual portfolios (Family Office, HNWI), the liquidity of the assets must be in line with the investor’s objectives but the liquidity risks do not arise in the same terms as for a mutual fund, in particular because there is no issue of fair treatment of holders in the event of distortion of the liquidity of the portfolio. Stress tests applied to management mandates or to one’s own wealth are therefore often focused on portfolio market risks.

The focus will be held on measuring the liquidity level (and risk) on the asset side, the risk measurement on the liability side, and on the solutions to protect the investors.

Finally, THE SMART CONTENTS would deliver some brief reports dealing with liquidity inside advised or followed portfolio/estate.

Liquidity optimization as a performance leverage…